Dover Saddlery periodically sends us "goodie boxes" of returned or overstocked items. They range from winter or summer blankets to dewormers to horse-related tack.  These boxes are always a great surprise of helpful items.

Special Thanks to the EAST TENNESSEE FOUNDATION in Knoxville. We are very grateful to be associated with the East Tennessee Foundation and for grants to fund the an at risk program with the Helen Ross McNabb Center here in Morristown.  Ridin' High has also  received several grants from CNS Y-12 Community Investment Fund of the East Tennessee Foundation.

We would like to acknowledge some businesses that have been especially helpful to us.
We hope you will take a moment to visit their sites and consider their services.


David Genadek, owner of About the Horse, has generously assisted us with the design and manufacture of two saddles that we have found to be extremely versatile.Not only do his trees fit a wide range of horses, they are also very comfortable for our riders. Dave is passionate about his work and it shows!  Many thanks to this very special supporter of our efforts.