What is therapeutic riding?

Because the movement of a horse mimics the movement of a human’s walk, riders experience this movement in their own bodies and receive physical, sensory, and neurological stimulation. This translates to stronger muscles, better balance and coordination, and, just as importantly, greater self-confidence and self-esteem.


How can I get the forms to sign up?

Download the forms by clicking on the links below:
1) Cover Letter ---
Cover Letter
2) Participant Registration & Release ---
Registration & Release
3) Physician Cover Letter ---
Physicians Cover Letter

4) Medical History Form -- Medical History Form

5) Authorization for Emergency Treatment -- Emergency Treatment

What happens after the Initial Evaluation?

After the initial evaluation, goals are set for the rider for the current Session.  These may include physical, cognitive, and/or behavioral goals.  An appropriate method of mounting and dismounting are described and put in the rider's chart. Suggestions for appropriate horses and tack are also included.  This information is then used by our instructors to design lesson plans and objectives for each lesson.  At the end of the Session, the rider is reassessed to see if the goals have been met and to set new goals.

When are lessons?

We currently offer lessons in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Please see our Schedule for exact session dates.

How much does it cost?

Riders sign up for a Session. The cost for lesson is  $25 per lesson. Registration fees must be paid in advance of each Session.

How does someone get into a therapeutic riding program?

At Ridin’ High, our process goes like this: When a call or request is received by us, we send out an application package that includes medical forms, release forms, and information about our program. When we get the forms back, we schedule an evaluation. This is done by a member of our staff and sometimes with the assistant of a licensed Physical Therapist. Evaluations are free. Not everyone who is evaluated, however, is accepted into the program. Sometimes there are reasons, for the safety of the rider or our staff, why we cannot accept a rider. We follow PATH International guidelines in making these decisions. Once accepted, a time for weekly lesson is chosen, if available. If we do not have an opening, the rider is placed on a waiting list until an opening becomes available. We make every effort to accept riders into our program as quickly as possible.