Barney, a 13-year old Percheron cross gelding, is a true 'gentle giant' and absolutely wonderful in lessons.  He's used in the therapeutic riding program. His large size is perfect for providing a prolonged and gentle stretch to leg muscles, too.  Barney is sponsored by Lonnie and Linda Bird.


Will is a Gypsy Vanner horse who is used in the therapeutic riding program. Will is a great size for a therapy program and is a sturdy horse as well. He also has a great temperament. Will is sponsored by Lonnie and Linda Bird.


Duke is a solid therapy horse and a favorite among instructors, volunteers and riders. He's used for riders in our therapeutic riding program, including independent riders.  Duke is sponsored by Dennis Pope.


Ginger, a welsh pony, is another great horse that we use regularly in the therapeutic riding program. She's built solidly and is kind to her riders. Ginger is looking for a sponsor!


Butterball is the smallest (and cutest) equine at Ridin' High. He's a great size to interact with smaller people or those in wheelchairs. He can also play soccer by batting a large ball around! One of his jobs is to serve in the Pony Partners Program.   Butterball is sponsored by Paul and Jeannie Jett!

Meet Our Wonderful Therapy Horses....


Chief, a quiet quarter horse, stepped right into our therapeutic riding program. He has a great temperament and is able to be used by a variety of riders, including independent ones. He's a kind and gentle horse and a 'solid citizen.' Chief is sponsored by Paul and Jeannie Jett.


Midnight is a 19-year old welsh/shetland pony. He has a great resume as a therapy pony!  He not only serves in the therapeutic riding program, but is our mainstay traveling pony for the Pony Partners Program.   Midnight is sponsored in honor of Betty Messerschmidt.  


Nutmeg, a 15-year old spotted walking horse, is the newest addition to the Ridin' High therapy herd. Not only is she colorfully marked, but she has a smooth gait for riders unable to ride at a trot. Nutmeg is looking for a sponsor!

To sponsor (or partially sponsor) one of our horses, contact our office.  Horse sponsorships are $800/year, which includes hay, grain, horseshoeing, vet work, and care.  Partial sponsorships are also available!

Our horses are extremely important to us and we follow horse industry (and PATH) standards in providing their care. Consider joining us on this endeavor!


Smudge is a beloved Ridin' High icon. She's been an incredible therapy horse for many years--and at 29 years of age, she's also our oldest horse. Smudge is quiet and mainly serves now in the Pony Partners Program.   Smudge is looking for a sponsor!